Defibtech View AED

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LIFELINE VIEW - Give Compressions.jpg

Defibtech View AED


A very easy to use AED

Alot of AEDs tell you what to do, this shows you what to do with a full motion colour video

Can be used very quickly and competently without any prior knowledge

Used by BP, EasyJet, Everton FC, St Johns Ambulance, HP, Microsoft

Pads pre-attached and ready to use

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This AED is a fantastic piece of equipment

With it's easy to use function and and design, this AED can be used by anyone with no prior knowledge

  1. Award winning design, durability, and easy maintenance
  2. Full colour instructional video coach
  3. Compact and lightweight - 1.4kg
  4. Dual language for multi national workforces
  5. 7 year life battery
  6. CPR metronome built in
  7. Can be used on adults or children and automatically alters electrical charge
  8. Hard wearing - tested to military standards with rubberised edges
  9. Highly resistant against water and dust
  10. No lids, moving parts, or cases required.
  11. A unique 8 year warranty
  12. Pads pre-attached and ready to use
  13. Semi Automated or Fully Automated

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