Defibtech AED

Lifeline AUTO 2 - front view.jpg
Lifeline AUTO 2 - front view.jpg

Defibtech AED


A very easy to use AED

Ready to shock in 4 seconds

Can be used very quickly and competently without any prior knowledge

Used by BP, EasyJet, Everton FC, St Johns Ambulance, HP, Microsoft

Pads pre-attached and ready to use

Purchase your Defibtech AED

This AED is a fantastic piece of equipment

With it's easy to use function and and design, this AED can be used by anyone with no prior knowledge

  1. Shock ready in 4 seconds
  2. 7 year life battery
  3. CPR metronome built in
  4. Can be used on adults or children and automatically alters electrical charge
  5. Hard wearing - tested to military standards with rubberised edges
  6. Highly resistant against water and dust
  7. No lids, moving parts, or cases required.
  8. A unique 8 year warranty
  9. Used in a lot of schools, private workplaces and community settings
  10. Pads pre-attached and ready to use
  11. Semi Automated or Fully Automated

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